How to get consent for your development in 6 to 8 weeks

The consenting process doesn’t need to be a headache. This quick guide outlines our unique approach to the consenting process that gets a quick, successful outcome – every time.

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Getting started on development

Otitori Bay Road

Project Overview

This beautiful home captures the essence of New Zealand architecture. With clean modern lines, cladding that encapsulates the forestry, and open plan spaciousness, this house complements the surrounding landscape and entices you into every corner. Designing on a shoestring budget, Director Bayard McKenzie speaks about his design and the challenges he faced throughout the process –

“When I set out to design and build my own home over three years ago, I had no idea the house would turn out so beautifully. I view the house like a piece of art that has been created to share with other people.

My memories of the house are not so much in the house itself, but in the journey I went through to create it. The challenges I faced of designing and building an architectural home on a shoestring budget. The risks I navigated as I set out to challenge all those that thought it was not possible to build an architectural home on a dream site with sea views with as little as $30k cash in the bank. The difficult experiences faced having to make decisions on the fly while juggling daily life. The indecisive feeling you experience when you’re not sure you made the right design decision and of course all of those design accomplishments I achieved on the way.”