How to get consent for your development in 6 to 8 weeks

The consenting process doesn’t need to be a headache. This quick guide outlines our unique approach to the consenting process that gets a quick, successful outcome – every time.

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Consent only development

Our Services

Simplifying the development process

We provide a seamless development service that is unlike anything you’ll find in the market. We’ve got Planners, Architects and Project Managers all under one roof – we partner with Engineers, Surveyors and Council to deliver results.

Whether you want to do a full development or just get consent – we’ve got you covered.


Due Diligence/Feasibility

We take a look at the numbers to determine the financial viability of your development project. We’ll provide a comprehensive land density and risk-analysis report. This lays out the development options and the returns you can expect to make.

Armed with this information you can progress to the concept design stage with confidence.


Concept Design

Once you know your project is viable our in-house architects will work on design concepts. We’ve created affordable concept packages that make great architecture viable for developers.

At this stage our team also works hard to determine the market value and potential returns of your development and ensure the proposal is consentable. We also work with our engineering and surveyor partners to make sure the design concept is viable.



When you’re happy with the design of your development, we’ll start the process to get resource and building consent.

Our strong relationships with Council staff help us to deliver results fast.



When consents are granted we can manage the construction, sales and marketing process for you.

From sales of units to calling for and assessing tenders, managing contractors and budgets through to final sign off – we’ll support you through it all.

I want to do a development from start to finish

I want to get my development consented

How to get consent in 6 to 8 weeks

Our unique approach to the consenting process gets a quick, successful outcome – every time. Learn how with our free guide.

There’s now a viable option to develop property with clarity, confidence and integrity.