How to get consent for your development in 6 to 8 weeks

The consenting process doesn’t need to be a headache. This quick guide outlines our unique approach to the consenting process that gets a quick, successful outcome – every time.

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Consent only development


The Power of Media

It amazes us how many times the NZ media reports on housing bubbles, crashes or downturns
There are some salient points made in a recent Herald article but it fails mainly to consider the number one factor that influences a property market and that is human emotion There is only one mention of ‘confidence’ in the entire article
In our

The Difference Between A Buyers’ Market And A Sellers’ Market

As the media continues to report on a daily basis, the property market in Auckland, and some parts of

Co-housing or Co-development?

How homeowners can use their land better to upsize and make housing more affordable
The idea of co-housing is one

Hidden Opportunities For Homeowners To Maximise The Value Of Their Properties In Auckland

In the early 2000s, as part of an Eco-Density Initiative, Vancouver homeowners started developing units on top of their

Auckland Unitary Plan: Mixed Housing Urban Zone

This video covers the Mixed Housing Urban

Why The Consenting Process Goes Pear-Shaped – Through the eyes of an Ex-Council Planner

Before starting The Development Collective, I worked as a Planner for 15 years in both Local Government and the

Auckland Unitary Plan: The Terraced House and Apartment Building Zone

The Terraced House and Apartment Building zone is one