30/06/22: What We Are Working On

Hi Team! Long time since we updated this page. Things are humming in the office and we are busy working through the massive backlog of work from last years real estate boom. Rest assured, we are trucking away and making sure great design that is affordable is coming to all parts of Auckland. 

No doubt you would of seen all the new projects on the projects page. We continue to push the bounds of great design in Auckland and making sure development is attainable to everyone. Give us a ring if you have a site and want to know the potential.

 19/10/21: Resource Management Act 1991 –

Great news for developers! It basically flips what’s happening right now, so instead of a developer having to argue to build an apartment block that might obstruct another property’s view, property owners will now have to argue why an apartment shouldn’t be built.
The Bill proposes Tier 1 councils will be required to apply medium density residential standards from August 2022.
These new standards will allow people to develop up to three homes of up to three storeys on most sites without the need for a resource consent. Exemptions will apply based on qualifying matters set out in the NPS-UD, such as heritage areas and natural hazards.

20/12/19: Wright Road –

This documentation has been nothing but smooth sailing, and we have now lodged our last Building Consent for the year! We are glad to get this one out the door and underway, but more importantly, we managed to handle this and get it done in a matter of months.

11/12/19: Berwyn Ave –

Project #3 is underway and we are looking at ending the year with a bang! Check out the site now that demolition has now been completed -;

We are super excited to see this development come to life, especially since this will mark the start of our 5 star Lifemark approved designs. We are also cannot wait to share Projects 1, 2 and 4 with you all soon as well -; watch this space 👀 It has been such a great year for us with the majority of our projects moving through each stage swiftly and beginning site works before the end of the year. Bring on 2020 -; we have more plans in mind for you!

05/12/19: Team Bonding –

We took some time out of the office to get away, or more specifically, to get on a boat! Celebrating the year and the progress we have made as a team and company, it was an awesome way to acknowledge each other and the successes we have all achieved. We are all excited to see how this company grows, and we are looking forward to bringing you all along as well!

27/11/19: Wright Road and Stapleford Crescent –

Progress is moving swiftly and we are already barrelling towards Building Consent – how’s that for efficiency?? We’ve spent the last few weeks finalising the details and design changes, including the implementation of more Abodo and Metalcraft cladding 😍

20/11/19: Wright Road and Stapleford Crescent –

Enter our newest projects -; two residential developments that require more face-to-face time with our clients. We are loving it! On a more personal level, these houses are bespoke and unique; Developed Design has taken off and we are flying through the documentation.

08/11/19: Instagram –

What! It’s November already?? 6 weeks to go until Christmas and we are pushing through -; on top of gathering resources and documents for consents, we have also been attending multiple conferences and seminars regarding Urban and Project Development. We’ve also given our Instagram profile a wee makeover! Keep an eye on our highlights for updates and ideas, and we have now introduced a ‘Team’ button so you can finally put a face to a name. 🙋🙋‍♂️

29/10/19: Berwyn Ave –

We have received consent and a decision release for the re-lodgement! Due to the new roof angle pushing the boundaries and edging out of the box (just like our ideas 😉), we had to go back to council – and just like that our team has gained another successful consent!

17/10/19: Blanche Way –

As we work through the information requested for further processing we have one thing in mind – detailsdetailsdetails! 🔎 This has been a fantastic project for us to work on, purely because we have enjoyed working so closely with our client on this.

02/10/19: Office Space –

Well, its been a while, we know. The last few weeks have been a blur of packing, relocating, unpacking, and setting up. Moving office is never easy, however we do have to admit it has been fun fitting it out and watching the Abodo fins go up.

13/09/19: Berwyn Ave –

We have received our plans back from the lovely team at Lifemark and we are so proud to say that our bottom four ground floor units have a provisional 5 star rating! All that research and hard work paid off. 💪 Celebration time! What day is it??? FRIDAY.

13/09/19 Ashwell Terrace –

After putting together a material palette, we are happy to proceed with the chosen claddings and finishes chosen by our client. Corrugate or trapezoidal? Weatherboard or fibre cement? Concrete or plaster? You name it, we’ve debated over it. Here at TDC, we definitely want to get it right!

12/09/19 Blanche Way –

Another project lodged for Building Consent – waiting with bated breath to see what information we need to provide next!

11/09/19: Berwyn Ave –

Plans have been sent off to Lifemark and we are crossing our fingers and toes hoping it comes back with a provisional 5-star rating! After specifying the exact products needed such as induction cooktops and wall mounted toilets with raised buttons, it has been a great learning curve.

05-08/09/19: Auckland Home Show –

The Auckland Home Show is annually hosted at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane and we were fortunate enough to get tickets to check it out. If you got a chance to go, you may have noticed some amazing products such as leaf and debris diverter for downpipes, infrared saunas, spa pools you can swim in, shower screens that join at the corner and open both inwards and out, doors that hinge AND slide… the list goes on! We got some great samples to take away and discussed wacky opportunities such as gold plated urinals 😂 Till next year!

03/09/19: Bespoke Homes –

Check out our new project for Bespoke Homes for Affordable Prices! We have been working double time behind the scenes to demonstrate and showcase our response to the uncertainty, bureaucracy and unreliable design options presently in the New Zealand housing sector. Let’s shake up the industry!

31/08/19: Ashwell Terrace –

Building Consent has been lodged and we are working through the extra information required. We have found a friend in Specialized and they have helped us curve concrete and make magic to allow our residents safe and easy access to their parking. We have been going above and beyond to ensure this process goes smoothly.

27/08/19: Office Space –

If you haven’t seen it splashed all over the interwebs yet, where have you been?! We have been working on fitting out our new office space in Grey Lynn/Ponsonby and are very excited to move into a space we have created. High ceilings, sleek timber battens, clean modern glass and powder coated steel – could this BE any more welcoming?

12/08/19: Berwyn Ave –

In the process of Resource Consent, we have been meeting with slab specialists and foundation experts to solve the issue of terrible terrain in Takanini. This project is also special because four of the 14 units will be Lifemark approved. There are so many things to consider when designing accessible units, and it has been so enlightening for the team to discover, understand and implement these standards to just make life easier. Construction is looking optimistic for October 2019.

24/07/19: Galway St –

One of our Onehunga designs is coming to life and we’ve finally got the foundations down; we had to jump through a few hoops and hash out more than a few design details to get here but we’re glad the construction is going extremely well. See our Instagram for the photo of the slab in place. There’s a sneaky little rebated step in there too – can you see it? This one took a while to suss and required many meetings with the builder to ensure it worked and we could get that joinery flush.

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